The River’s Way

It was quite a challenge to choose which of my rhymes to post first, I resorted to flicking through my little black book until I settled on one.  This poem was written when I was about 10/11 years old, and in 1998  it was actually published in an anthology, and again a couple of years later.  I think we’d been doing something on the water cycle that week at school, but I do remember writing it.  I was supposed to be doing something else, but was rather bored and this was the result:

The River’s Way
Splish, splash,
The rain splashes on the mountainside,
Trickling on its way.
Many more rivulets join it,
Running on faster and faster.
Now it is a stream,
Flowing freely on,
Thundering, roaring over a cliff.
Freely on it flows,
Calming as it goes,
Joining other streams.
Now the stream is in a lake,
Coming out as a river that rushes freely on.
Meandering on,
Twisting and turning free.
Now we reach the mouth,
All muddy and swift,
Bursting free in to the sea.
Becoming rain to start it all again.


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4 responses to “The River’s Way

  1. this is fitting and admirable piece on river.

    adventurous ride.

  2. A wonderful write for a ten/eleven year-old! Very insightful and comprehensive. Nice!

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