The Noble Bruise

This is a very new piece.  So new in fact that at the time of writing this post (23 ish hours before it actually gets posted, testing out the post scheduling feature), I have only just tucked my pencil back behind my ear from scribbling in my notebook to write it.  Inspiration struck whilst I was contemplating a likely bruise I have forming.  Enjoy! 🙂

The Noble Bruise
Some bruises are a mystery,
Lining limbs but giving no clues.
Some bruises are a tragedy,
A witness to unspoken abuses.


Some bruises are inescapable,
Going hand-in-hand with kids mucky knees.
Some bruises are unrelatable,
Don’t tell me how you got them please!


Some bruises are quite subtle,
Burying deep below the surface.
Some bruises are quite noble,
Nestled in the crook of an elbow.


A mark of one who cares for others,
A mark of one who gives of their life.
Blood donors show your elbows bold,
Bearers of the noble bruise.

I’m not saying that this is the only kind of noble bruise, but that particular one has been on my mind this evening, and words just tumbled in to place for it.  And yes, there is a story behind the unrelatable remark.  They were not my bruises, the events causing them were however related to me.

And the reason I’m testing the schedule feature is that I’m off playing pool this evening with my team.  Difficult to post whilst smashing balls around the table 😉

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