Even if I wrote you a sonnet…

This one I wrote some time ago at a friend, who I had written a poem for to appologise for giving them a three day headache (again) whilst playing against them in football.  However, said friend didn’t recognise the poem for what it was, and claimed it was just a letter.  I may post it at some point, but this was my slightly frustrated retort to his denial of my rhyming.  And yes I know I haven’t written it in sonnet form, I just picked that particular word for (tortured) rhymability.

Even if I wrote you a sonnet
Even if I wrote you a sonnet,
Would you noticed that I’d done it?
Since you didn’t see my rhyme,
Upon which I spent so much time.
My dear sarcastic, lankey man,
Spot a poem, I don’t think you can!
Even the works of Burns and Shakespear,
As poetry to you would not be clear.

 And now I’m off to seek inspiration from the colourful characters at RockBand.

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