Just you…and your friends

I wrote this one some time ago for a then very dear friend who was feeling rather alone against everything.  It certainly cheered them up when I sent it to them back then.

Just you…and your friends
It’s never just you,
We’re all always here.
Standing beside you,
Through every year.
We’re your friends,
Through all you face.
And we’ll still be here,
At the end of the race.
No matter who may mix you up,
Or let you down or mess you ’round.
We’ll be there to dust you off,
And lift you up from off the ground.
We’ll support your dreams,
And cheer you on.
Make you laugh,
When you’re feeling glum.
And we know that when,
Things get turned on their head.
The roles will reverse,
And you’ll be there for us instead.

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