An Icy Paradox

Slightly out of season this one, but I felt like posting it.  Quite simply, these are my observations on the attitudes of native-Londoners.  They tend to be rather icy and insular (never look at one on the tube, and if you do and accidentally make eye-contact, DO NOT smile).  Yet when it snowed, they suddenly got really friendly and sociable.  Strange people!  Enjoy 🙂


An Icy Paradox
A City filled with icemen,
Frozen faces,
Frozen hearts.

Leaden skies of darkest grey,
Icy winds drove falling snow.
From work and school it kept them away.

#Not had a snow like this for fifteen years#

And something strange in London Town,
As things grew colder the city hearts melted.
Gone was the fixed forbidding frown,
Replaced by friendly warming smiles.

A City filled with snowmen,
Frozen flakes,
Frozen ponds.

Alas such a heart-thaw could not last,
And the snow melted the next day.
As warmer winds usurped the Arctic blast,
Their demeanour grew cold once more.

#A bit warmer this week, things getting back to normal#

Wintry skies of cloud scattered blue,
Dirtied slush lingers in the gutters.
Icepeople return to whatever they do.

A City filled with icemen,
Frozen faces,
Frozen hearts.


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