As Yet Untitled…

…and also feels unfinished to be honest.  However, this one does explain how so many of my rhymes come in to being, and the frustration of knowing that they’re there, but being unable to get them out and on to paper.


My mind too full of thoughts to think,
My pen held poised but no words to ink.
I express my heart in verse and rhyme,
I just wish I could control the time.
Like storm clouds fit to burst with rain,
Is how it feels within my brain.
I struggle for the words to say,
What my emotions are each day.
Sometimes I simply have to go,
Where mountains climb or rivers flow.
Away from all the mental static,
Which makes me feel oh so erratic.
And there alone in nature’s peace,
The turmoil can find release.


The last two lines just came to me, which finished it off a bit more than it was.  No doubt I’ll play with it anon.  Title suggestions welcome, comment, tweet or e-mail: disjointed rhymings at gmail dot com. Enjoy!


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35 responses to “As Yet Untitled…

  1. Akira

    Sounds ok. Maybe Ode to Writers Block 🙂

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  3. Benjamin Ruth

    really nice I thought

  4. dynamic words, well done job.

  5. very nice one!! true there is always a turmoil of emotions and frustrations that goes on in mind when you know you have something in mind and are not yet ready to be able to pen it down!!

  6. nice imagery and love the the last two lines… poems come along when you least expect them. beautiful poem

  7. cinnamon blues

    I enjoyed the poem especially the last two lines, it brought the whole piece together very well.

  8. the way your words speak is beautiful and amazing, welcome to poets rally, have fun reading.


  9. I love this poem – from the heart to the page with such honesty x

  10. Love the word play, well done!

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  12. J Sirrah

    Enjoyed this much.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  14. I think you’ve done a wonderful job here I agree with Cinderella =)

  15. Loved it! Inspiration waiting to break free, just waiting for the right moment, right time.
    I could feel the dams breaking soon!

  16. Neither disjointed nor unfinished. good job.

  17. good write , I guess we all have these feelings every now and then

  18. the buildup in your poem that releases you to nature is really nice. Nice anticipation.

  19. Eric Campanano

    This flows really well and comes together wonderfully. Nice work 🙂

  20. Nice capture of the inside of a writer’s head.

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