My Winter of Discontent

This one has taken a long time to be able to write, but I’m glad that I can at last.

My Winter of Discontent
I wish I could set free the tempest,
Unleash the storm of my mind,
Wash it all away.
Wash away the hurt and pain,
Purged with my emotional rain.
Cast out in the street like trash,
Exiled to an icy waste,
Surfing sofas and floors.
Traitor you cost me my home,
Left me isolated and alone.
My words got lost in a maelstrom of chaos,
When my mind broke and shattered,
Betrayed by a friend.
But the broken though fragile is mended,
And I just want this sad saga ended.


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14 responses to “My Winter of Discontent

  1. There among the petals of a flower sits the rain.
    Pooled like a mirror without a need to complain.
    Tortured by the sun’s smile as it dries away in vain.
    Echoed in the clouds that come back around again.
    To pour itself all over the flower’s beautiful mane…

    Thanks for stopping by…

  2. Akira

    Nicely done and covers the narrative very well. The end (though I can offer no enlightenment) didn’t seem to flow quite right to me.

  3. going by what i know of you it makes sence and is very well written

  4. The saga is sad. Hope it ends like you wish it should. Well written!

  5. winter of discontent, well expressed sadness.

    have a lovely day.

  6. love the positive ending, smiles.

  7. I’m glad you finally wrote this. Perfect.

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