I Miss You

Sorry for the late update, I came home from a weekend with family to a laptop that wasn’t too keen on booting up, and was most certainly not going to let me post.  So I’ve had to switch to my other laptop which is pretty much for DVD watching, as it is rather tempermental internet wise.

This one was written at stupid o’clock last night whilst trying to get my laptop to work.  I’m hoping the friend in question here has a spare five minutes to read it, but they know it anyway.


I Miss You
I miss you,
Companion driving,
Carpark chats,
Sorting the world over Jack and pool.
I miss you,
Keeping me balanced,
Random times,
Late night food trips to Tescos.
I miss you,
Car talk,
GP debates,
Competative driving lessons.
I miss you,
Great big hugs,
Quick wits,
Distraction techiques playing pool.
I miss you,
Like Sherlock,
Every Holmes,
Needs her much loved Watson.


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14 responses to “I Miss You

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  2. sweet expression, how are you?

    come join us, you know where to find the linkz.


  3. J Sirrah

    Great ending and good flow throughout.
    Oh,congrats too.

  4. This is a terrific poem – I really enjoyed every image you painted.

  5. Very fun verse. Playful, but still expressing true feeling. Well done.

    Please check out one of mine:

  6. cinnamon blues

    Ace poem, really brought home the concept of missing someone lovely. 🙂

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