If I Couldn’t See I Should Miss…

I’m amazed and honoured to have been offered this, and thought that this would be a good opportunity to share the oldest poem of mine which I presently have on record.  I know there is an older one kicking about, but that may have been consigned to the bin.

This was written for an assignment at school.  In year 3 (age 7/8) we had a week where we were learning about deafness and blindness and what it is like to have to live with that.  The assignment was to write a poem either titled ‘If I Couldn’t See I Should Miss’ or ‘If I Couldn’t Hear I Should Miss’.   Enjoy!


If I Couldn’t See I Should Miss:
The sight of lovely birds,
Flying so graceful and free.
The sight of close relatives,
And friends so dear to me.
I should miss:
Bright colourful pictures,
Of my story books.
The beautiful butterflies,
Flittering and fluttering.
I should miss:
Playing with my friends,
For I couldn’t see them to join in.
The sight of birthday presents,
And cake on my birthday.
I should miss:
Going and watching the waves,
Crashing and tumbling on to the shore.


I also hereby nominate lizzimills



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21 responses to “If I Couldn’t See I Should Miss…

  1. the small but fine things in life the things you enjoy as a child, and as you grow older realize what you are missing out, so i some respects getting older is like going blind, because work and other things stop you doing what we enjoyed as children.

    and that probably make no sense at all but its a lovely poem in short well done ruth.

  2. dont ever lose sight of the small things

  3. well deserved award, thanks for the support…

    have fun!


  4. Enjoy these small things while you can before you are blinded by the trials and tribulations of life.

    Congratulations, too, on receiving the award!

  5. Congrats on your award and amazing poem you write better than then I do now lol It’s very cute =)

  6. Ina

    Lovely poem, so true we must be grateful for our eyes! Congratulations!

  7. Sometimes the oldies are the goodies. Loved this one

  8. Yes, it’s amazing how much we take it all for granted because we already have those blessings. I think it’s great for kids to learn that some kids don’t all have it all.
    This was a lovely write full of gentle lifes observations.

  9. a really well deserved award, a beautiful poem, have read a few times now

  10. Y’day was my b’day. I’d completed 55 years and to celebrate I went to see a hindi film with my friend. It was titled ‘Zindagi nahi milegi dobara” which would mean that you are not going to get another life. Three friends, have come together to have a bachelors’ trip just before one of them got married. One of the guys is fanatically obsessed with making money. There is a scene where they go under sea diving. After a while amongst nature’s bounty of corals and fishes , he comes up on to the deck and sits there silently with tears in his eyes. This poem too is about the same thing, isn;t it? If we do not live with the right vision, we do not live at all.

    • Had I written it now, perhaps I would have intended such depth, but philiosophical (aparently) as I was as a child, I suspect I was just thinking, ‘well I’d miss this, and that and…’. But thank you, and I hope you had a lovely time celebrating your birthday. Sounds like an interesting movie too 🙂 That is a true sentiment though, we need a right vision to live. Without vision, the people perish.

  11. wow, that’s a lovely poem, and you wrote that a long time ago. i like the rhyming scheme here, it’s a joy to read it aloud.

    i have some old stuff but most are not fit for print. 😦

    and congrats on the award, you deserved it. 🙂

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