Random Rhymes #5-8

Continuing the daily posting, another selection of my random rhymes series.  Enjoy!


Random Rhymes #5
I’m in a rhyming mood today,
Acting like a student loafer.
I just hope I have my way,
And I’m not made to leave this sofa.

Written sitting on the very comfy (and no longer there) big blue sofa at our student union coffee bar ‘Blends’, enjoying a hot chocolate and wondering what had happened to the music.


Random Rhyme #6
One more report and then I’m done,
My second year has been and gone.
By tomorrow my work is ended,
And the dent in my finances can be mended.

Anyone want to guess what I was doing rather than said report?


Random Rhyme #7
I’m sitting here in class,
Struggling for an answer.
Willing the time to pass,
So I can escape home.


Random Rhyme #8
Jamie’s making bad jokes,
So bad we can’t help but cringe.
And if he keeps them up,
I’ll think he’s loose of hinge.

One of my classmates, very bad jokes, a swiftly scribbled warning.

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