Economic Poetry

These three were written during my Economics revision at uni, or possibly in class.  Either way they were written to help me remember the difference between fiscal and monetary policy and various other little nuggets.   They’re simply numbered 80, 81 and 82 in my notebook, my way of keeping count of just how many have been written over the years, so are untitled for now.  Enjoy!


Fiscal policy,
Tax away our money.
Surplus boom,
Deficit bust,
The budget balances, hopefully.
April/May 2007
Surplus and deficit,
Boom and bust.
To observe the golden rule,
Balance the budget must!
April/May 2007
Think of the economy,
As a lump of marble.
Fiscal smashes away the surplus,
Monetary refines to an artistic marvel.
April/May 2007

If only the powers that be had remembered the golden rule.


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2 responses to “Economic Poetry

  1. These words are fun to read.

    hope all is well.

    come join poets rally if you can, your presence is valued.

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