New Notebook

Very long walk today which hurt a little bit!  This month my treat was a new notebook for scribbling rhymes in.  A good investment as less than an hour later I had four new rhymes to share.  This one is in honour of all new notebooks everywhere.  Enjoy!


New Notebook
A new notebook,
Holding nothing,
But promise.
‘Til the hand moves,
Pen descends,
Ink flows.
Then my thoughts,
In an instant,
Are captured.


Filed under Rhymes

13 responses to “New Notebook

  1. Ina

    🙂 I love new writing books, the empty pages, waiting to be filled. I can relate and it is a lovely poem!

  2. fabulous sentiments, love the new notebook title instantly.

    glad to see you back.


  3. Lovely poem about a sweet feeling indeed 🙂 Words well chosen and well placed.

  4. beautiful.

    stay cheerful.


  5. Beautiful yet quaint, enjoy the new notebook!

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