Dear Reader

A relatively early Sunday posting.  This one is just for you dear Reader.  Enjoy!


Dear Reader
Dear Reader I wish to say thank you,
For to these words devoting some time.
I hope you don’t feel it a waste,
And enjoy each humble rhyme.
But I’m sure that I can do better,
So this tiny request I make.
Please comment and send me feedback,
You just might help me get a break!
One day maybe I’ll have these published,
Bound together in my very own book.
And dear Reader you can then say,
My comments on board she took!


Speaking of publishing, I am toying with the idea of self-publishing a book at some point in the future.  It won’t be for a few more months at least, but let me know what you think.


Filed under Rhymes

4 responses to “Dear Reader

  1. Anderson Stokes

    First time here. Awesome blog and super post. Well done.

  2. Mario Stonefield

    sweet work, love your theme, suits the site well 🙂

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