Fire Lizards

I have long been a fan of Anne McCaffrey’s books, and did actually write a little fan poem about one element of the Pern series.  For non-Pern readers, sorry, I’ll explain at the bottom.  For everyone, enjoy!


Fire Lizards
Wings like glass,
Lightning fast,
Flitting through the sky.
Scolding golden queen,
Noble bronzes,
Darting to between.
Browns and blues,
Gossiping greens,
In all the dragon hues.
In the weyr,
Or in sea caves,
They swiftly disappear.


As promised, the explanation.  In short, humans set out to colonise a very distant planet they named Pern.  One of the indiginous species was a flight-capable winged lizard (fire lizard), which was able to produce a flame as a result of eating a phosphene bearing rock.  Due to the random orbit of another planetary body, space debris consisting of a mychorzia spore was (and would be at regular intervals) dragged close enough to Pern for Pern’s gravity to pull it towards the surface, where atmospheric entry caused the lifeform to activate.  This lifeform consumed all carbon based life it touched before collapsing on itself.  Fire killed it, so the genetic scientist in the colony developed a large form of the fire lizard which humans could direct to burn the mychorzia in the air before it was able to consume anything, these larger versions became known as dragons for their mythical resemblance.  Both species came in the five colours mentioned.  A weyr was the home of the dragons and their riders.  Between is the name given to the space occupied as fire lizards/dragons teleport between points.  The whole series is a brilliant example of the development of a society, although I add this caveat – it is a bit ‘adult’ at times, but some books in the series are now studied in schools.


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32 responses to “Fire Lizards

  1. Love this poem. Your strong choice of vocabulary is working very well for you here

  2. Of course I luffles this. It has firelizards.

    Excellent work, Lady South Holder!

  3. An interesting and well written piece. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for the notes 🙂

  4. Thanks for the explanation. I had visions of dragonflies! Very well written piece!

  5. I’d read the Pern books, and the scolding queen calls to mind vividly a scene from them — I can’t remember of which book, alas.

    • Probably any involving Menolly and her Queen Beauty 🙂 Or maybe Menolly’s Fire Lizard Song – “the little queen all golden/flew hissing as the sea/between each wave/her clutch to save/she ventured bravely” Something like that, I don’t have the book to hand 😉

  6. Thanks for the description at the end. Was able to appreciate the value of the lizards better 🙂

  7. Fascinating… now I know where dragons come from. Lovely post.

  8. manicddaily

    Your poem makes me want to check out the books! The idea of fire lizard works on its own though.

  9. good effort disjointed.. and the explanation below really helps.. tq for coming by!

  10. very strong choice of vocabulary and it works so well in this wonderful piece for you here

  11. If I may respond to “…dithering over posting it because I knew not many would be familiar with them…”
    Never dither when it’s THIS good! Just keep the formula: post & explain below…:-), as required. Thanks!

  12. I’ve seen those books at work (I work at a bookstore), and I’ve always been intrigued by them, and now I am even moreso! Though I have never read the books, I really enjoyed this poem despite that, it was wonderfully written 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Well Dragonsdawn covers the settling of Pern and the creation of dragons, so may be the place to start if you get intrigued enough 😉 Lucky you working at a bookstore! I’d never have a paycheck if I did

  13. Beautifully done. I have and have read the entire Pern series, you summed them up beautifully! 🙂

  14. I like this, I want one, lol, I love fantasy poetry, thank you, much appreciated, WS

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