The Roborovski Five

Thank you to the Poets Rally for all they do to keep the Rally rolling and the effort they put in to maintaining and selecting winners for the Award.  Thank you for thinking my work good enough and for giving me the Perfect Poet Award.  Those that are reading this, please check out the other winners here:

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This poem will no doubt be added to in the future, or be the first in a series.  About a month and a half ago I adopted five Roborovski hamsters who were in need of a home.  Let’s just say they’ve made life interesting…Enjoy!

The Roborovski Five
I adopted some dwarf hamsters once,
Five Roborovskis tiny and fast.
Full of joy I took them home,
But my peace and quiet didn’t last.
The first week one boy escaped,
By leaping from my shoulder.
In trying to recapture him,
I should have been much bolder.
A trap was set that very hour,
But Robbie Houdini somehow got out.
Now he lives inside the fireplace,
I sometimes see him running about.
This week when I went to clean their cage,
For four boys still remained.
Two were eager, two just hid,
Their strange reluctance was soon explained.
As I removed the final cage piece,
Roberta’s nest I then uncovered.
My four ‘boys’ weren’t all males,
As her brothers had clearly discovered.
The three brothers were swiftly evicted,
To a hastily converted crate.
Leaving Roberta and babies in peace,
Now all I can do is wait.
Two weeks before I will know,
Hopefully I didn’t disturb her too much.
How many babies will survive,
At least I was good and didn’t touch!
It took just one week,
For five to become four.
Only to find a month later,
There’re at least three more.
My furballs may be tiny,
But they sure keep me on my toes.
And what next for this critter custodian,
I fear only a Robbie knows!

I was literally putting the finishing lines in place in my notebook when Houdini ran past.  Typical!

I nominate Over a Cup of Coffee for the next award:


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5 responses to “The Roborovski Five

  1. I rather like this one. Whimsica :3

  2. Nice poem 🙂 It was pretty adorable! Thank you for the nomination!

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