The Battle at Dawn

The archive continues to be trawled as I’m holidaying in Yorkshire, hopefully some new material will have been written if I find a chance to sit down with pen and paper.  Enjoy!


The Battle at Dawn
The pearly moon,
That white-faced warrior.
The golden sun,
A golden knight.
Each dusk, each dawn,
They fight to win.
Each night, each morn’,
They fight to lose.
A shower of stars,
A shower of arrows.
A spear of rays,
A spear of steel.
Night after night,
And dawn after dawn.
Dusk after dusk,
And morn’ after morn’.
One rules the day,
One rules the night.
One wins the war,
One’s lost the fight.
Each dusk, each dawn,
Each night, each morn’.
That white-face warrior,
The golden knight.
Shall fight.


Filed under Rhymes

2 responses to “The Battle at Dawn

  1. Congratulations on the Versatile Blogger award from Cherlyn. Very nice poetry on your site.

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