Marco Simoncelli

Sorry for missing last Wednesday, I was having laptop purchase trouble and no internet access being away from home.  On the plus side, Roberta has raised at least two of her pups successfully (saw them today), and my two beautiful cats that I got on Friday are settling in nicely.  Clio is actually curled up by my feet dozing as I type, and Aurora (Aura) has just wandered off.  On the not so brilliant side, my three male Robbies, are actually two males and a female, as I discovered when I had a peek this morning.  On the thoroughly saddening side of life, Marco Simoncelli, MotoGP rider tragically died in an accident during a race today.


Marco Simoncelli
I wonder what your thoughts were,
As you lined up on the grid.
Were you thinking of the podium,
Or unhappy with your lid?
So talented and brilliant,
With your trademark wild hair.
You really were a joy to watch,
Pushing to get up there.
No doubt there will be debates,
New rules to prevent a repeat.
But one thing we must remember,
You knew the risks when you chose to compete.
So many times you fell before,
But never ending so tragically.
Our thoughts are with your family,
Simoncelli R.I.P.


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9 responses to “Marco Simoncelli

  1. may almighty bless his soul

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that – what a tragedy. Your poem is a very nice tribute to him though. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. prayers and peace indeed with the family of your friend.

    well penned event, bless all.

    Happy Rally.

  4. very vivid capture of your targeted subject.

    it seems real sad to lost contact, beautiful piece of writing.


  5. love it,

    very eloquent words, you make us feel what you feel here.


    Hope that you have enjoyed poets rally, do visit your peers to get more feedback.

    week 55 is tomorrow, hope to see you in, share early, get the most positive feedback, smiles.

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