Kitty Soundtrack

I’ve been so busy working with my kitties trying to get their coats sorted and settle them, that I’ve not had much chance to write anything new when I have had a spare five minutes.   Toying with an idea as I type this post, we’ll see what happens…


Kitty Soundtrack
There’s a rumbling from across the room,
As Clio revs her purring.
She switches gear and adds a trill,
Along with a musical burbling.
Aurora’s tucked beneath my chair,
Whispering a tiny mew.
In shock and perhaps some small disgust,
At Clio just charging through.
A rattling from the litter tray,
Then the sound of claws on rug.
The rumble continues ever louder,
As Clio jumps up for a hug.
I dearly love my feline friends,
Their each and every quirk.
But the kitty soundtrack as I try and type,
Really distracts me from work!





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47 responses to “Kitty Soundtrack

  1. Okay, yes. I officially luffle this one. Not only is it about kitties, which is win, but it’s wonderfully whimsical too.

    Top marks, Disjointed One!

  2. Cute. I’ve a kitty as well. 🙂 Adorable they’re.

  3. What a delightful understanding you bring the reader of what its like to be around a pet!

  4. Ina

    Aw, those cudly kittens! I adere cats, lovely poem! 🙂

  5. As someone who is prone to distractions though not of the feline kind, I can relate. Mine is more…a little person…she-who-must-be-obeyed.
    Lovely poem.

  6. Heh, cute, and ‘burbling’ is one of my favourite words. I miss having a cat; we haven’t had once since ours died, but my boyfriend and I are getting two kittens when we move in together. Cats are beautiful companions.

  7. love poems related to kittens, wow.

    smiles, glad to see you share.

  8. Kick Out The Jams

    Really like that! “revs her purring” captures it purrfectly…

  9. the way you decrib the cat is very visual and animated,

    masterful job.


  10. Kay Salady

    Beautiful beat to the lines and I could actually hear them as I read. Very good write!

  11. Here’s one distraction I’d gladly welcome 🙂

  12. this i ssuch a cute poem, with the kitty’s 🙂

  13. wow!! cute little piece…i love kitten 🙂

  14. ZQ

    You caught it!
    Without a lover. Cats are good, like my Bubba (Cocker spaniel).
    But, where is the Joy, that we expect to see?Regardless, of the current scene, that a human,
    like your soul, would refuses to greet?
    …it must precede.
    ME! Not your pet
    Just a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, you did make me think, good job!

  15. So cute. I have two kitties, one is very vocal and trills and have a very kitten-like meow evn though he’s 2 and a half, the other is less vocal but trying her best to be so to compete with him.
    Love the sentiments and the images in your poem.

  16. Thank you for the visit to my blog at the first place..You’ve written so nicely..Thanks for sharing such a lovley poetry on kitten..My daughter loves kittens a lot:-D

  17. Miaow 🙂 Just purrrrfect 🙂

  18. Very Nice Poetry with an amazing Imagination
    Great Work of Creativity !! Highly Expressive !!

    It was indeed enjoyable after reading this one !!

    Anyways, Take a look some of my Poetry Collections …

    some of my Haiku Collections

    and also, on my very recent Work as well

    !!! Happy Rally !!!
    Cheers !!

  19. Aww that’s sweet, I remember what it’s like to have kittens – they are a handful indeed! Clio eh? I have a cat named Cleo – great names for cats indeed :D. I think my favourite stanza is the second, but all are great! Thanks for sharing!

  20. awwww that’s so cute ::) 🙂 🙂 I could actually picture them all…Brilliant… I think I am glad they are distracting you from work or we wouldn’t be reading this piece 🙂 😀

  21. perfectly cute.

    welcome sharing a piece of random poem with us today.


  22. mewtiful write kitty lover! 🙂

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