Tales of Tribble: Part one – Arrival

Firstly, I have a friend’s blog to promote.  A young poet just starting out, go have a look and leave some feedback – nymmyb

Secondly, this is the first part in a very long (planning seven parts) poem I’m working on.  It may well class as a saga when I’m done.  Having told a few friends what my hamster Tribble is like, they want a book.  This shall have to suffice for them!  In other hamster-related news, Roberta’s triplets had their first cuddles today and I *think* they are all girls, but they’re still very small and so it’s difficult to tell.  Bobbie’s baby is now a week old and doing well, the fate of the two boys is up for debate, I don’t really have space for another cage to keep them.  A suitable home is being worked out.

Anyway, to rhyming!  Enjoy!

Tales of Tribble: Part one – Arrival
One day in March twen-ten,
A Syrian hamster mum gave birth.
Within her litter would be found,
The craziest hamster on earth.
An albino is already special,
Imperfect long-hair on top of that.
And this little tale is the story of how,
He came to live at my flat.
Not only did he look quite odd,
He had an attitude to match.
Belligerent, aggressive and loud,
As he defended himself and his patch.
The pet shop wondered what to do,
His ever leaving was despaired of.
No child could they sell him to,
Else their fingers he would bite off.
He has some behavioural issues,
My friend warned me at the pub one night.
In due time I went to meet this ‘Gnosher’,
And logic didn’t put up a fight.
That very day I took him home,
My birthday present from me to me.
Named him Tribble and got to work,
With no idea how unique he would be.

Looking all sweet and innocent



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18 responses to “Tales of Tribble: Part one – Arrival

  1. Ain’t he cute! I love the rhymes….

  2. Love it. You should think of giving tribble a fan page on facebook. I’d be one !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “And logic didn’t put up a fight.” My very, very, very favorite part of this poem-post! Hope after reading my little ditty on my post of 10/31/2011 at http://granbee.wordpress.com, you will see why! Let me know, please.

  4. This is great! I can’t wait to hear Tribble’s troubles in the next chapter of your sweet Syrian hamster’s saga. I’ll tell my grandchildren to check out your site. They’ll love to hear who Tribble will bite and if he gets his teeth in someone, they’ll hold their breath till his grip is un-done. Nice work!

  5. Oh that is so cute. Such a lovely poem and tribute to a beloved pet. Love it! and the name. Obviously a Star Trek fan. :O)

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