Rain Song

So, there’s this Bloggers Choice Awards dealy, and there’s a category there for Best Hobby Blog (they don’t have a poetry/litertature one) and I’m in the running at the moment and about 27 votes from the top ten.  Help me out?  Vote here.


It was raining this evening, and was absolutely lovely.  I was going to post another archive poem, but I found this one whilst I was looking for it.  Almost almost fits to the tune of ‘Inspector Gadget’, the cartoon theme tune anyway.  I haven’t seen the movie to comment.  Enjoy!


Rain Song
When you see the rain clouds,
Then the little raindrops,
Every little plip-plop,
Come and join me out here,
Running through the puddles,


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14 responses to “Rain Song

  1. You use very few words to make a big statement. Really enjoyed the dance!

  2. Great post today thanks. I enjoyed reading it very much.

    Feel Free to Share this wonderful poem with everyone:

    – A River of Time –

  3. awesome love it! it really got me in a better mood!

  4. Thanks for bringing me back to childhood joys once again, with this raindancepuddlesplash! The exact duplication of the action adjectives in the first four stanzas brought mind-freeing joy; then, the fifth stanza surprise us with a non-exact repeat of splishing/splashing to leave us meditating about why all of the above was so much fun! Whoop-eeeeeee!

  5. I love walking in a soft rain, especially when it’s a warm rain.
    Nice, fun piece. 🙂

  6. This one put a smile on my face. Thank you. I absolutely love it.

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