Keep in Touch?

I’m starting today with a massive thank you to my brilliant parents (they’ve been brilliant parents for the past very nearly 25 years, even longer if you count all the time I was a bump), they’ve always been there for my sister and I supporting and guiding us through our lives, misadventures and triumphs, I couldn’t have made it without their help.  I also wouldn’t have this brilliant new laptop without their help (they helped me buy a much needed new one) which is my first NEW laptop since I started uni in autumn 2005.  I’d been using an even older second hand loaned laptop for the past few months which was just about up to doing a blog post OR Skype (at a push) OR looking at a website, but never more than one of those at a time.


Another old one tonight, written some time ago in frustration at a friend who was always telling me to keep in touch every time we saw each other, but was even worse than I am for doing so.  They still are, and we’re still friends 🙂


Keep in Touch?
It’d only take a minute,
To send a little note.
Saying ‘hey, I’m sorry, been busy’,
Don’t I get one minute?
You said we had to keep in touch,
I took the time.
Saying ‘hey, how’s things, been working’,
Did I waste my minutes?
Maybe I’ll risk some more tonight,
Give you a call,
Check you’re alright.




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3 responses to “Keep in Touch?

  1. So glad you know it is a risk to “get in touch”. This element is always necessary to engage in the adventure of discovering treasure in our relationships!

  2. Ach, I am this person; I’m terrible at keeping in touch. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I find the whole process of friendship incredibly scary. I wish more people were like you, and would take that leap of faith and call anyway. Sometimes a little push is all that’s needed. Beautiful!

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