Feline Fraud

I’m a rather chilled out and happy rhymer today, had a lovely (if misty) ten mile stroll today with my usual group, and then spent some time with a couple of friends I don’t get to see half as often as I used to or a tenth as often as I’d like.  In kitty news, Aurora is presently curled up right next to me and has been purring away and seeking fusses.  The reason this is news is that until today, she has spent most of her time tucked under wherever I chose to sit, and doesn’t tend to come up to seek a fuss, and would NEVER jump up on to wherever I was sitting, the only way was to go and fetch her.  I think I know why though…I had some lovely slow cooked stewing steak in gravy for my dinner.  Not that she got any!


Feline Fraud
Aurora’s in a cuddly mood,
And I think I’ve figured why.
She wants some of my lovely food,
I can’t blame her having a try.
But I’m not taken in at all,
Of not a drop will she partake.
I’ve figured out her feline fraud,
No fool of me she’ll make.
But lots of fusses I will share,
And tickles of the chin.
Whilst eating with my other hand,
And taking the fraudster in.

My blue mitted Ragdoll Aurora



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14 responses to “Feline Fraud

  1. Delightful! I enjoyed reading this 🙂

  2. lovely pet,
    fun verse.


  3. kez

    cool and I’m not a cat person at all thank you for sharing x

  4. Very cute poem about your feline fraudster! Nicely written piece!

  5. Disjointed, I have been missing your posts! So glad to see you back with your feline buddy! I, too, have a sweet cat; but she loves to go on walks with me and the dogs. Then she curls up with all of us, flopped around every which way, for a nap or a night’s rest. But she CAN be the biggest fraud when I am preparing the dogs’ food dishes! Thank you and welcome back!

  6. cats are cute and fun,

    love your poem on it,
    beautiful humor and verse,

  7. Aww, such a cute cat! Looks super cuddly too. My cat loves to sit and watch me eat, hoping I’ll give in for a taste – it’s hard to resist! Sorry for being so late getting here, tis the season for no free time it seems. I’m hoping once Christmas is over and I get closer to school and going back down to one job, I’ll be able to go back and catch up on the blogs I’ve missed out on 🙂

    • She is getting more cuddly as she settles, and is very cuddly when relaxed! Although it’s tricky to type and the like when one hand has been borrowed by her for a pillow 🙂 I find it hard to resist too, but as she has a poorly tum and is on a restricted diet, that makes it easier. Good luck with school and hope all calms down for you soon!

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