Mouse in the Workshop

Must admit I’m a bit down this evening as I heard at lunch time that my favourite author – Anne McCaffrey – had passed away this last Monday.  Some of my friends and I are keen readers of her books, when we founded the Storytelling Society at uni, we even nicknamed it the Harper Hall from her Pern series.  The literary world has lost one of the best sci-fi and fantasy authors of the past century and she is and will be missed.  I’m still polishing a piece for her which I will post one day.


In happier news, I’ve been asked to submit some work to be considered for inclusion in an anthology next year…watch this space!



I have to thank the lovely organisers of the Poets Rally over at the Poetry Palace for offering me this award.  There are some brilliant and out and out amazing poets in the Rally who are well worth checking out.

As for my acceptance, this was inspired by the tale of my boss who has had a mouse in her workshop at home for the past few weeks.  Enjoy!


Mouse in the Workshop
There’s a mouse in the workshop,
Nibbling at the chicken feed.
Pooping in the dog bedding,
Daren’t think where he may’ve peed.
There’s a mouse in the workshop,
It’s high time that he got out.
Clearing and cleaning from wall to wall,
Finding signs he’s still about.
There’s a mouse in my left wellie boot,
Bright-eyed quivering, so tiny and sweet.
But he’s gone and chewed my favourite sock,
To make his nest so snug and neat.
There’s a mouse in my left wellie boot,
It and he went for a walk down the road.
No harm has befallen the little guy,
But my wellie returned sans its load.
There’s a mouse in the workshop,
A week later, could it be the same?
Going to keep checking my wellies,
Ready to evict him all over again.


I’m nominating Inside Hema’s Den for the next award (who also won it this week, but I really loved her entry).



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10 responses to “Mouse in the Workshop

  1. I like this poem, another wonderfully whimsical one!

    and RIP Anne, she’ll be missed.

  2. love this poem and well done for another award!
    and anne will be missed 😦

  3. well deserved award, you rock.

    Happy Rally.


  4. Seems as though the mouse in your workshop might prevent you from becoming a workaholic, perhaps, perhaps, squeak, squeak! Loved the line about the wellies (such a double entendre that brings to mind). Thank you for this whimsy. Well-deserved award on this one. Congrats.

    • Thank you, although I must admit that the workshop, wellies etc aren’t mine, but belong to my boss, so I can’t use that excuse…although I do have hamsters that people mistake for mice…I wonder 😉
      I didn’t see that double entendre until you mentioned it…oh well, gives the literary analysts something to have fun with 0:-)

  5. LOL! I live in the country and the other night I watched as a mouse ran out from under my computer desk, hugging the wall, into the kitchen, around the cabinets on the floor and past the decon box. Maybe it’s time for a new one? Too funny, I loved it!!

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