A very very good excuse…honest!

Good evening!  Or morning/afternoon/night depending where in the world you are.  I probably won’t be able to post a poem tonight, but one will probably go up tomorrow (Monday) instead to make up for it.  The simple reason is part one of my poetic plot.  A couple of weeks ago I was invited to contribute to a book United Press are producing called ‘Ten of the Best’, ten poets, twenty pages each.  Now I know they will more than likely have invited far more than then poets to contribute to this, and then select the ten from those that respond.  However, this means 200-600 lines of poetry to them by tomorrow.  As I’m not 100% sure if they count blogged poems as having been sent to another publisher or not, I’m coming up with 200 totally new lines, and adding in some blog favourites.  Since I hadn’t realised how close the deadline was when I got the invite a couple of weeks ago, I’m in need of quite a few more lines so will spend tonight scribbling those and sending them off this evening so they’re on their desk for first thing tomorrow.


Wish me luck and thank you for the support I’ve had so far from those I’ve told!



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2 responses to “A very very good excuse…honest!

  1. We have all BEEN there, disjointed. You are in great company, believe me. Look forward to the results of your “scribbles”.

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