Trekkie Pool Geek

I managed to get it done and still be conscious enough to get a post done so early on the Monday, that some may not notice I didn’t post a poem on Sunday.  Playing pool this week we were discussing where we stand in our division, when I suddenly click that being 7th out of nine teams (the tenth is a Bye) means that we are Seven of Nine.  One of my team-mates promptly finished the name (Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01) to prove I wasn’t the only geek there and that someone had got my reference.  It amused me so that I scribbled a quick (and less than brilliant) rhyme.


Trekkie Pool Geek
I just realised something fun,
Whilst pondering our standings.
We may only be Seven of Nine,
But that makes us number one!
So tell the next lot that we face,
They’ll find that resistance is futile.
We’re going to play our very best,
Show not just our position is ace.


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6 responses to “Trekkie Pool Geek

  1. I can see I need to returning to play pool with my husband, at least occasionally, if it provides this type of inspiration. I love your sense of “geeky fun”.

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