How Rude!

One day I was in London with friends negotiating the Underground and got barged out of the way by someone I’d actually half turned out of the way of, even though they had three feet of space to one side.  My notebook was promptly whipped out when we made it on to the train and a few lines scribbled.

How Rude!
There’s three feet to the left of them,
But still they barge on through.
It seems that on the Underground,
That’s the thing to do.
How rude!

In other news, I’ve heard back about ‘Ten of the Best’ (having worked out a LOT more than ten had been contacted).  It seems they’re having trouble picking so are going to keep working on it and let me know, but if I don’t hear then thanks for submitting but I’m not in.  Considering that not everyone who has submitted has received that e-mail, I’m guessing I’ve made it through round one?  Time will tell.  Patience!


Also, a lovely new poetry forum has been founded by a lady going by the name of VickyEmma, feel free to join us over at Pop Poetry.  I’ve already joined and even posted a little rhyming bio thread under the name of DisjointedRhymings.  Aren’t I the original one 😉


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6 responses to “How Rude!

  1. Rowseacheek

    haha this is great. I just got to London for the first time from another country. I was trying to carry my broken luggage across the city. In the subway I was blocking the escalator for maybe 30 seconds because I had nowhere to put the luggage. Was yelled at by a man. Felt so sad.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m sorry to hear that was one of the first things you encountered on your arrival, there are some lovely polite people in London too. The best is when someone asks you if you’re lost, AFTER you’ve put your A-Z of London away having glanced at it and are striding purposefully in the direction you need to go. Just hope it snows, for some reason they all get really friendly then. I was staying in London for a couple of weeks last winter and got to experience it first hand. See Icy Paradox for the full story 🙂

      Hope you enjoy your time here!

  2. In the land of famous manners and refinement, the American Deep South, I have been jostled just so on MARTA, the Atlanta, GA mass transit system. But guess where it is worse? Correctomundo: Hartsfield International Airport, THE busiest on the globe (I think it is, still!) and also located in Metro Atlanta! This being Gone With The Wind country, you understand! disjointed, I love you just fine here on your wordpress website. I am so privileged to be allowed access to the work of such a young, ambitious, and vital poet from the UK. Thank you for all your generous contributions here.

    • I’m glad that you enjoy my work so much, and honoured you think so highly of it. Sadly it does seem that the greater the concentration of individuals, the lower the average courtesy level, at least in Western cultures. I could well be wrong.

  3. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    It’s good to get this stuff off your chest. Blogs are great!

    Actually, I came by to read your meme questions. Alas, not up yet. I’ll come back tomorrow.



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