Ten of the Best

So last Sunday I explained about my very good excuse why I wasn’t posting a poem.  The meeting duly occurred on the Tuesday, and Wednesday lunch time I had a message telling me that they were having a tough time whittling down the entries to just ten, but if I was successful they would let me know.  If I wasn’t, thanks for submitting.  Not everyone who had submitted got this e-mail, so I figured they’d done it in rounds and that I’d passed round one and so been told, and that those that hadn’t passed round one hadn’t heard anything.  On the Thursday, I heard from one person that they had received their acceptance later on that Wednesday.  For a couple of hours I wobbled between ‘well they’ve picked their ten, I’m not in’ and ‘they’ve picked some and are struggling for the last couple, there’s still a chance’.  Eventually I went with the ‘I didn’t make it’ theory.


I was wrong.  Today I got the e-mail telling me that I had been successful 🙂  At the moment I’m hoping between ‘yay I did it’ and ‘I was probably a reserve and someone pulled out’.  Either way, I’m in.  This is my most significant publishing to date, so I’m pretty happy about it 🙂


So early next year, Ten of the Best will go to print, and as a contributing poet, I will have twenty copies to distribute.  Some of these have already found homes (my library, Mum & Dad, a couple for very good friends of mine), but I will have between ten and fifteen copies available to buy (£10 + postage).  I will even scribble in them if you want me to. If you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll allocate them on a first come, first served basis.  Postage I will work out as soon as I know weights etc at present I know nothing.


Alternatively, once I have the ISBN I will post it and you can order a copy through your local bookstore, or ask your local library to stock it.


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4 responses to “Ten of the Best

  1. oh i am so getting one can i have it signed when they come out please??x (i wil hav to ask mum first though!) weldone i knew you could! 🙂

  2. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    This is absolutely wonderful 🙂 This should surely have you shining. Good luck with the book coming out and so on. Achievement + !

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