Merry Scribbler

Aaaaand normal service is resumed.  I’m actually posting a rhyme tonight!  This one came about during a rather productive writing session waiting for the rest of my pool team to arrive.  I play in one of the local pool leagues, and because of where I live in relation to where I work and their locations in relation to where I play pool, it is actually easier for me to change at work and go directly to pool, even though I usually get to wherever we’re playing around 6pm, and the match itself doesn’t begin until about 8.30pm (although most of the team arrives around 8pm).  This was the day I’d received the invitation to submit for ‘Ten of the Best’, so I planned to put the time to good use writing.  Thankfully it was a home match, so I could have tea if needed.  I let the landlord know and ensconced myself in the corner with a mug of tea and a notebook.  At one point when bringing more tea out to me (he’s a brilliant landlord) it was presented with the phrase ‘More tea for you merry scribbler’, and so….


Merry Scribbler
Full mug of delicious hot tea,
Upon the table next to me,
Warming my spare hand.
A writing challenge has been set,
And though the deadline isn’t yet,
I must scribble my rhymes.
Too soon the mug of tea is gone,
But my writing must go on,
As the landlord clears the table.
He knows my purpose and my needs,
And shows it in his words and deeds,
“More tea for you merry scribbler.”


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28 responses to “Merry Scribbler

  1. What a great landlord! We all need to find this place, disjointed! Thanks for the rhymes–very full of ideas and inspiration!

    • If you’re ever in the Newbury, Berkshire area of the UK, I could point you their way. I can personally recommend every item on the desserts menu. Their speciality is homemade pie, lots of different types and the portions are generous! All the other teams love it when they’re away to us, we serve the best food in the league!

  2. made me smile..a rhyme while U sip..what could be better 🙂

  3. Love it! You paint the scene wonderfully, and I could see you there and see the landlord bringing the tea. Excellent write, Merry one!

  4. Too soon the mug of tea is gone,
    But my writing must go on,
    As the landlord clears the table.

    very warm and fresh views, love it.

  5. I enjoyed it tremendously. Just like a piece of strawberry short cake accompanying a nice hot cup of tea 🙂

  6. you paint a pleasant, peaceful picture…far from the pool halls I have seen. Nice piece of writing.

    • I have the advantage of playing in a league mostly comprising pubs rather than halls. Partly because we’re so bad we’re in the bottom division and the pool halls and snooker clubs are higher up! Thank you 🙂

  7. Cute and fun poem 🙂 . Enjoyed it very much

  8. great landlord!!!!! and a great poem too! from ur biggest fanx

  9. wordsfallfrommyeyes

    What a great poem! I didn’t know you were so poetry. That was lovely. I’d say ‘Dickensian’ too but I just don’t know enough about Dickens! Aren’t I BAD!!

    • I can be very poetry when I’ve the inclination 🙂 I’m more familiar with his prose than his poetry myself to be honest, but since the once piece I have read was clear as to its content and meaning and painted a picture with words, I’d say it isn’t a million miles away.

  10. Well Done! Lots of energy even though the writer is still writing.

  11. Did you manage to scribble anything then?

  12. You set the scene well, and you certainly enjoy scribbling, I can tell.

  13. 🙂 cool, sounds like a great landlord… 🙂 nothing like tea and poetry, thank you, much appreciated, WS

  14. Kevin Alan Lamb

    Writing challenges are set and met everyday by those with will and a way!

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