Picture on a Budget

Most of my scribbling today can be directly blamed on my watching BBC’s modern take on Sherlock.  I was re-watching the first season on DVD as I wrote and screwed up several sheets of paper.  Clio was most appreciative of the randomly appearing balls for her amusement.  The particular episode I was watching featured a Vermeer painting.  And so…


A Picture on a Budget
If a picture is worth a thousand words,
Can one be painted with less,
It’d take a master wordsmith at a guess.
To commit to paper what we see,
The flight of a bird through the sky,
The flow of water rushing by.
Could a few strokes of a pen capture it all,
A cityscape as the sun goes down,
Would take a writer of renown.


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12 responses to “Picture on a Budget

  1. Very nicely stroked, disjointed! I picture you quite well in front of Sherlock throwing balled up papers for Clio, with reflections of sunset in the city in your eyes.

  2. kez

    cool you create a scene which is frustrating yet cosy ….surely haiku is writing on a budget ( no offence to haiku writers ) thanks for sharing x x

  3. I do enjoy good tight writes.

  4. I have to concur with Booguloo, this was a tight poem…the concept is great.
    Yes a master wordsmith with a few lines can show volumes!


  5. perfectly well fine tuned job.


  6. Nice work…it’s like expressing yourself into a complete picture in itself…:):)loved it…

  7. Very nicely written…u urself have drawn a picture out of the words…loved it…:)

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