Shock horror, I’ve actually remembered to do a Wednesday post!  It is Wednesday right?  Before I post my rhyme, I’ve a couple of links to share.

Firstly, my friend Dave has started a blog reviewing radio comedy.  At least that’s what he claims, but two posts in and it’s all about TV.  Please pop over and have a read though, he even uses sources!  The Radio and other Comedy Review

Secondly, a lady I promised some time ago I’d give a mention to.  Ellen’s Designs, custom and handmade jewellery, mostly aimed at weddings but just because something is made for a wedding doesn’t mean that’s the only time and place it can be worn.  I’ve my eye on a couple of pieces which are more casual.

The third person I’m going to mention tonight is also to be found on etsy, with a rather unique line of plushies… Mrs McGettrick’s Fuggler Emporium.  I got my first Fuggler earlier this year, a cute aquamarine chap called Jazz the Cat (they come with names, each one is unique).

There’s a photo of Jazz with Aurora just to the left, but first a clarification.  They are not human teeth, just human dental supplies.  Sorry about the quality, the only working camera I have is on my phone.




So to the real purpose of this blog…rhymes!  This particular one was written with a friend in mind after I saw his ex-missus with another guy.  I knew he was still rather smitten with the lass in question, so didn’t know how he’d take the news.  Another guy friend advised me to keep quiet and see what happened.


I’m sat here debating what to do,
For just a month on,
I think she’s over you.
Or at least she’s all over him,
Should I tell you or wait,
The scar tissue’s still thin.
I think for now I’ll just keep mum,
See how things develop,
What must be done.


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3 responses to “Dilemma

  1. Good decision, good rhymes on this WonderfulWednesday. So glad to see you posting more. Very generous mentions of your friends’ websites and services. I need to do more of that.

  2. That’s a good rhyme you created. Although dilemma always makes our heart heavy, but this piece makes the emotion a little lighter. Thanks for your creation!

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