Nature Song

It has been a busy old weekend, complicated by the snow.  If you heard about the jams on the M40 in the UK on Saturday night, I was stuck in that for an hour with a few close calls when other drivers were generally numptyish about driving in snow.  I shall restrain my grizzling to that.


Having seen the snowdrops and celandine coming in to bloom this week at work, I was going to post one I’d written last year about them, but I can’t find it.  I KNOW it’s around here somewhere as I saw it the other day, but put it in my drawer of paperwork…somewhere among the payslips and utility bills it is hiding.  So instead I’ve a random little one I was probably listening to Dierks Bentley, or had his song ‘Come a Little Closer’ stuck in my head.  Enjoy!


Nature Song
Come a little closer,
Listen to my song.
I’ll sing of my love for the rain,
For seasons which don’t stay the same.
Of the joy of birds in flight,
The diamond-studded moonlit night.
The voice of branches in the breeze,
Of skipping through autumn’s leaves.
Of the rivers’ stately glide,
In to which the otters slide.
Of lilac orchids in the meadow,
The skies above and earth below.
Of the world in which we live,
With so much joy to give.
June 2011 (ish)



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2 responses to “Nature Song

  1. Hooray for your poem celebrating the seasons and urging us to immerse ourselves in it to have “so much joy to give.” Such a blessing here, disjointed. So sorry about your travail on the M40. Very, very glad you are now safe and warm!

  2. love this! glad you got off the motorway in one piece!

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