Some more random rhymes

Sometimes when I try and write, all I end up with are a random collection of one verse poems.  One lunch time I was trying to write something new for a friend, and managed to, along with five randoms and the start of a longer piece I’ve been mulling for years.  Enjoy!


I really am quite hopeless,
At entitling my rhyme.
But it’s for the excellent reason,
I forget to at the time.
Today is the day of the solitary verse,
But I suppose that it could be worse.
I could have written one ten pages long,
Or more scarily tried to make it a song.
If the world was like cake,
Spring would be the mixing,
With hot summers the oven in which we bake.
Autumn’s cooling and berried decoration,
Winter frosts dust sugar on what we make.


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2 responses to “Some more random rhymes

  1. Oh, Disjointed, I am MORE than impressed with your final verse here likening the seasons of the year to the making of a lucious and beautiful and very special cake! YUMMM–let us eat up all of nature with our hearts, yes?

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