February Challenge – Daily Life

I know I missed Sunday, I was on a poetry ban.  One of my friends really really doesn’t like poetry and was coming over for what was originally to be a Burns night, but then all poetry was banned, and then the Scottish food was banned, so it was more a steak pie and movie night.

So this month, my challenge was  ‘ to write a poem about daily life! ‘.  I must admit, initially I was a bit stumped, then I was thinking along the lines of “but most of my work is about my daily life, things I see/hear/do”.  And then this happened…

Daily Life
Daily life is anything but,
Even if your life’s a routine.
For absurdity will always intrude,
And randomness intervene.
The regular can be transformed,
By something heard or seen.
For daily life isn’t just what you do,
But the little adventures in between.

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One response to “February Challenge – Daily Life

  1. Oh, disjointed, how glad I am your Sunday friend did not like poetry, for it brought this wonderful poem from you to post here today! I do believe this is my favorite one of yours I have read in this blog of yours, so far! Lead on, dear rhyming one!

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