I Told You So!

I have literally just gotten home from a cold, wet, windy but brilliant day out watching the opening of the EMRA 2012 season.  Why did I endure the freezing late winter conditions to watch some maniacs whizzing around on motorbikes for most of the day?  Because a long time and very good friend of mine was also starting his first proper season there.  Pretty sure he had the biggest entourage of the day, especially amongst the non-professionals, with ten of us hanging round the ‘garage’ (awning) all day.  The conditions were appalling, but that wasn’t too bad as he’s pretty good in the wet.  Unfortunately they improved for his last race and the track started to dry out.  But a 7th and a 4th in his two class races, plus an 8th in the Novice race isn’t too bad going, and a lot better than what he thought he’d get.  I did tell him so!


I Told You So!
I told you so,
That you’d do well.
Now enjoy your results,
And upon your success dwell.
I told you so,
You’d not be last.
You have the skill,
And you’ve always been fast.
I told you so,
You’d get round okay.
Though sometimes we worried,
Like when you didn’t return right away!


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2 responses to “I Told You So!

  1. Hooray for your friend’s performance. How wonderful that he had you there cheering and supporting! Love it that you shared that joy with us today in these racing lyrics!

  2. Congrats for your friend!

    Sorry for my extended absence, but I’ve been kicked in my butt a few times to get back to blogging, and one of the first things I had to do was a “tag” post. I’ve tagged you, it’s a fun little question answer thing.

    Hope you’ve been doing well, and I hope to keep up with your current writings! Glad to see you’re still at it!
    Here’s the tag post:

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