Just a short bit of rambling today as I’m about to watch 9 (free Netflix for a month – watch all the movies!).  My Disjointed Rhymings business cards arrived on Friday which was quite exciting.  Even more exciting was getting back in touch with an old school friend after seven years (which may not seem all that long, but is almost a third of my life…which I only just worked out and is a rather scary thought).


Today’s poem seems to be particularly effective with 100% of those* who had read it before posting finding that it helped them with their confidence when faced with having to speak in public.  Enjoy!


Confidence is an illusion,
Drawn about like a cloak.
Hiding insecurities,
In its enveloping smoke.
When anxieties threaten,
Pull yourself up tall.
So no one can see,
Your nervousness at all.
Even those brave souls,
Who seem to need no disguise.
May still be fooling,
The outsiders’ eyes.





*2 out of 2 people


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3 responses to “Confidence

  1. This is absolutely a helpful poem about practicing self-confidence in front of groups and successfully hiding the anxiety. I received a post on my FB timeline today that said that without fear, there could be no bravery! The fear and the anxiety provide the energy to keep on stretching ourselves up taller and taller, right? Exciting about your business cards arriving. And you are not even 21 yet? WOW! I am SO impressed!

    • Thank you 🙂 Although it is a bit less impressive as I’m 26 later this year. I once heard it put that bravery was having the courage to do something even though you were scared to. How you hold yourself certainly does have an impact on how you feel and appear to others too.

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