The Storm

On this day in 2011, I started this blog.  Disjointed Rhymings is a whole year old today =D   Thank you to all of you for your contributions, feedback and support.  I hope that you are still enjoying what I post (when I remember to) and will stick around for the next year too!

Sorry for the silence of late, a combination of writers’ block and allowing myself to get out of the habit of posting.  I shall try to do better this year though.

I tried something a little different for me with this one, partly because I’d had the first two lines stuck in my head like a song for several days.  Maybe now I’m a little more comfortable with using a set number of syllables per line, I’ll finally get around to doing that haiku I’ve been putting off for so long.


The Storm


I am the tempest,
I am the storm.
I am the warning,
Writ in shepherd’s red dawn.
I am the black skies,
I am the clouds.
I am the dark day,
Blotting out the new sun.
I am the howling,
I am the gale.
I am the herald,
Of the torrent to come.
I am the deluge,
I am the rain.
I am the downpour,
That washes all away.
I am the blue skies,
I am the sun.
I am the clear air,
Swept clean by the storm’s might.


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4 responses to “The Storm

  1. So wonderful to be at one with nature and all her “expressions” like this!

  2. Really enjoyed your work – its pace fits with the cyclical nature of the storm perfectly.

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