It’s Finally Here!

So yesterday was the 1st birthday of Disjointed Rhymings as a site, and I also had a red card from Royal Mail, letting me know that I had a package to pick up.  There was only one thing I could think of that could possibly be arriving, although I was trying to think if there was any reason for anyone to be sending me a random package.  Turns out, my first thought was right.  Ten of the Best, the anthology I have been waiting for since December, is now at the printer’s, and my advance copies have arrived 😀  Having read some of the other work featured in there, I’m even more amazed how I got in.


If you would like a copy, and haven’t already booked one with me (I’m all out), the ISBN is 978-0-85781-232-2 and the publisher is United Press.  In theory, you should be able to order a copy from any book shop using that information.  The other poets featured are: David Greaney, Janet Falade, Peter Young, Leighton McDonald, Philip Lemon, Ron Rogers, Zoiyar Cole, Jan Pearson and David A Smith.  I haven’t found websites for any of them yet, but if I do I will share.  Or if you know of their sites/work, please comment below so we can all enjoy.


Also, here’s a picture…



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