Infinite Onion Ring

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might have been aware that this one was coming.  Last night I was hanging out with a friend, eating onion rings.  One of mine was a slightly lopsided figure eight, and I turned it round and commented that it was an infinite onion ring.  I would post a picture of it, but I’d eaten it before we thought of that.


Infinite Onion Ring
The infinite onion ring,
Coiled ’round in an eight.
Continuing on forever,
Lying there on the plate.
But the end approaches,
With the dipping decision made.
Now only crumbs remain,
Where infinity once laid.


Although I’d eaten mine, here’s a photo I found on Flickr with a similar looking onion ring.


Filed under Rhymes

2 responses to “Infinite Onion Ring

  1. This onion ring has taught me much, disjointed! Infinity is not always what it seems!

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