Keep in Touch?

I really need to start remembering to schedule posts for when I’m not going to be at a computer.  This Sunday heard me killing a few songs at the karaoke with friends, so my apologies to Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and Owl City.  It was a fun night though, and has been quite a while since I last did any.  Which is why I’m posting during my lunch break today.


A friend has suggested that I start recording videos of me reading my work, and post it on to YouTube.  Does anyone think they would watch them, and do you have any pieces you particularly would like me to do?  I’m hoping to get some recorded and uploaded in the near future.  It will, at least in part, depend on the video quality my camera gives.  This could be interesting.


Today’s poem is another from the archives, I have a few new ones I’m working on at the moment, but none that I’ve been able to finish.  Mostly they’re fragments and patterns scribbled in varies notebooks.  The idea is there, and I know how and where I want it to go, but what’s in my head isn’t translating to paper too well.  More writer’s stutter than writer’s block.  This one was a bit of a grumble at a friend who would always say that we needed to keep in touch every time I saw them, but was even worse than I am for actually responding to messages.  Hope you enjoy it.


Keep in Touch?
It’d only take a minute,
To send a little note.
Saying ‘hey, I’m sorry, been busy’,
Don’t I get one minute?
You said we had to keep in touch,
I took the time.
Saying ‘hey, how’s things, been working’,
Did I waste my minutes?
Maybe I’ll waste some more tonight,
Give you a call,
Check you’re alright.




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One response to “Keep in Touch?

  1. Disjointed, this one would be terriffic read aloud and recorded for YouTube! Lead on, dear girl!

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