News and an admission of numptiness

First up, the admission of numptiness…the last poem I posted was one I had already posted some months ago.   I’m not going to take it down though as there are comments on both posts, and different news on each. Now for the news.  This past Monday, and somewhat last minute, I had the great pleasure of attending an informal open mic session at the Old Anchor Inn, Abingdon.  They’re a lovely and talented group there, meeting each week at 8:30pm.  Musicians and poets combined, all abilities and styles.  This was my first public event, and a friend did capture most of my first poem on video.


The link is here: Mouse in the Workshop.  I will be there each Monday I can make from now on, although next week I shall be taking my flute in addition to a couple of rhymes. The other bit of news is that I’ve learnt of a more formal music/poetry open mic session, held each Thursday from 8pm at the Half Moon in Oxford.  So I will be making an appearance there tonight, and will see how well that goes before I decide about returning.  I’ve got the impression that people tend to become regulars at that one, so we shall see.




So if you’re ever in the area, feel free to come along and support some very talented people, and those of us who are still learning. That’s all for now, I’ll get some more poems posted soon. Ruth 🙂


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6 responses to “News and an admission of numptiness

  1. Jesse

    Broken link for the YouTube video. You didn’t put the http:// bit at the front.


  2. So excited about your venture into combining your poetry with your music, disjointed! I think you will find different things to like and to help you grow in your art forms at both locations.

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