Artistic Vision

Things went a little manic of late. My Aunt sadly passed away, and then my lovely Aurora a few days after last Sunday night. So that’s why I’ve missed updating recently, family illness and mortality.

Whilst we were planning my Aunt’s funeral, the comment was made (can’t remember if it was Mum or Nanna) that she was very creative and could look at a piece of fabric, cut it, sew it and have a dress amongst other related skills. That triggered a little chain of thoughts in my head which I managed to set down during the brilliant music session I was at this evening. Enjoy!


Artistic Vision
The sculptor sees the statue,
Residing in the stone.
Waiting to be unveiled,
By their hand alone.
The author sees the narrative,
Each character, twist and thread.
Only they can write the tale,
Residing within their head.
The painter sees the masterpiece,
A blank canvas holds within.
They know the shapes and colours,
With a brush-stroke they begin.
The poet sees the rhymes,
Waiting to be penned.
Rhythm and words combined,
Which may turn to song in the end.

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