The Steaming Towers of Didcot

This past Friday saw the end of an era, Didcot Power Station A closed down after over 40 years of service.  I finished my book on the train to my parents’, so decided I ought to scribble something moderately topical.  I have mixed feeling about them, they’re not the prettiest structure around, but they also mean I’m almost home.  We shall see what it does to the weather in the area too.  Somehow I’ve not got a single picture of the towers in question, so I will try and remember to get one later.  Enjoy!


The Steaming Towers of Didcot
Squatting in the valley,
And looming over the town.
Sit the steaming towers of Didcot,
A landmark of some renown.
For decades they provided power,
And enduring controversy.
Continuously belching out clouds,
Since firing up in nineteen-seventy.
For many they served as a beacon,
Red warning lights guiding them home.
Yet others considered them an eyesore,
Inescapable wherever they’d roam.
Their fiery heart has been quenched,
The cloud-makers are no more.
Yet the debate still rages strongly,
Over this icon some abhor, some adore.
In time the towers will tumble,
The landmark returns to the land.
Admirers shall mourn the icon’s loss,
Detractors shall declare that grand.






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