An Outcast’s Plea

So this month has ended slightly better than it began, with a dose of stress-induced tonsillitis (which has led to me learning how to spell tonsillitis, was always forgetting that second l).  At least it’s almost gone.  So I’ve raiding the old archive to find something new to share with you tonight, and came across something I wrote whilst I was in 6th Form (that’s the two years after the end of secondary school in the UK).  I wasn’t exactly popular at school for various reasons, some of which I brought on my own head, some were down to the usual social politics in schools.  So that’s a bit of background for this one, it was based off of things that people had said to me around the time of writing too.

Please let me know what you think in the comments, so far today I’ve had 50 spam bot pots, would be nice to hear from real people too!


An Outcast’s Plea
They all hate me,
I know they do,
Though hide it they may try.
A careless whisper,
An unchecked glance,
The way they walk on by.
I try to fit in,
To be like them,
Another mindless clone.
But that’s not me,
My mind rebels,
And I’m left in here alone.
Deal me in,
Accept me for who I am.
Don’t compare me to society’s norm,
For what’s normal anyway?



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2 responses to “An Outcast’s Plea

  1. David

    just been reading the last three entries of your blog, I like them, the thing I like most about your poetry is that it is accessible, easy to read and enjoy. Keep up the good work!

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