The Legendary St George (or so they claim)

So today is St George’s day in England, which means that the flags are out, and a whole swarm of dragons have descended upon one of the local villages.  There’s even a giant purple one in the duck pond.  It was suggested at the music/poetry session I go to, that as this week’s session was the day before, we might want to do some pieces which tend towards that subject.  Some very English tunes were played, and I decided to do a little bit of googling about the man himself and write a bit about some of the things we don’t know about Georgios of Lydda.  Here it is, please let me know what you think in the comments.


The Legendary St George (or so they claim)
We claim him as our English saint,
That Greek-born Roman officer,
Revered throughout the world.
They claim his name was Georgios,
Some say he sounds like Perseus,
Or Sabazios, or Zeus, or a hodge-podge.
They claim he slew a dragon,
Or a crocodile some have named allegory,
For Rome, or martyrdom, or invaders, or pagans.
The Muslims claim him also,
But they name him Al-Khidr,
Who also slew a dragon near Beirut.
We claim his red cross for our flag,
Yet stole it from St Ambrose,
Who was revered throughout Milan.
We claim so much about him,
But in truth we know so little,
About our mysterious, orphaned St George.



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