Churchyard Sheep

I’ve been driving past these sheep for quite some time, and the sight never fails to make me smile.  Yes, that is a flock of sheep living in a church graveyard, and there is a poem hiding below the photo.  Enjoy!


Sheep in the graveyard


Churchyard Sheep
Between the weathered tombstones,
The grass and wild flowers grow.
No relatives left to tend them,
Abandoned to time, sun and snow.
The oft trodden path to the church door,
Cut through the knee-high vegetation.
How to keep the churchyard tamed,
Must’ve caused the vicar some vexation.
‘Til he thought upon his calling,
To be a shepherd to his flock.
And having taken that more literally,
The plants no longer grow amok.
For peacefully grazing between the stones,
The resident groundsheep bleat.
Tending to the forgotten graves,
And keeping the churchyard neat.


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