Life’s Little Adventures

I went to the zoo on Sunday with some friends, which was a pretty great day.  Having mentioned the fact that I high-fived a monkey to a few of my friends a few times, I was mulling over a related rhyme which finally blossomed in to a poem during the music/poetry session I was at this evening (Monday).  That brilliant one over in Abingdon.  I also got to feed Rainbow Lorikeets, there’s a picture at the bottom.


All of the adventures are true.  Enjoy and let me know what you think below!


Life’s Little Adventures
I once high-fived a tamarin,
And then I shook its paw.
Before the keeper told me off,
For having a finger near the door.
I once got locked in Regent’s Park,
And had to climb the fence.
Topped with great big metal spikes,
It got somewhat intense.
I once removed a jet engine,
And with my best friend took it apart.
We did put it all back again,
But I’ve no idea if it will start.
I once leapt from the top of my uni,
And abseiled down the towers.
Dressed as Bonnie Charlie’s Life Guard,
Having just defended the uni for 36-hours.
I once tried to outrun the inbound tide,
And sprint through the gap between wall and sea.
But I was too slow as the waves raced in,
To soak almost all of me.
I once went to an open mic session,
And had no idea what lay in store.
Where so many styles and talents co-exist,
Each week I come back for more.


Feeding Rainbow Lorikeets


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4 responses to “Life’s Little Adventures

  1. Tom

    Nice one! Many epic adventures and some excellent perch work there 😉

  2. dulzimordash

    Reblogged this on Spontaneous Creativity.

  3. John Terrett

    Enjoyed this, and a great picture!

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