In The Name of the Doctor

A word of warning before I start, in the words of the incredible Professor River Song:

Hijacked from  I stumbled across the image in a search, I haven’t read all of the article it came from so can’t comment on it.  Clicker beware, I have no control over the external posts of others.

Do not read on if you’ve not yet seen the Season 7 finale ‘The Name of the Doctor’, and don’t want any hints about some of the things in the episode.  Which, I ought to add, I thoroughly enjoyed.  Some of the lines inspired my scribblings whilst I was trying to come up with something new earlier today.  It shouldn’t really spoil the episode for you, more hints at elements of the ending which tantalize for November.

Read, (hopefully) enjoy and as always, please let me know what you think in the comments/e-mail/twitter/FB…


In The Name of the Doctor
In the name of the Doctor,
I have fought for you all.
Against Daleks, Angels, Cybermen,
Of countless foes I have been the downfall.
But all this was my choice,
Though once I had none.
And NOT in my name,
Were those deeds done.
Now he is my secret,
And my one unknown face.
He is not the Doctor,
The last of his race.



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  1. Matt T

    This is awesome!

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