Don’t Drive So Close to Me

Two weeks ago, I had my first proper car accident (we’re not counting the incident with the armchair, that was being hit by debris).  This lead to my first ride in an ambulance (a precaution, I’m fine) and various other things.  My little Honda almost got written off, but thankfully I have her back and repaired already.  It also lead to my first new poem in a few weeks, and first new post in just as long.  A certain Police song might pop in to your head as you read it, it was stuck in mine as I wrote it.  Enjoy!

Don’t Drive So Close to Me
Your lights are dazzling in my mirror,
Don’t drive so close to me.
Now I can read your number plate,
Don’t drive so close to me.
I’m not going to let you push me,
So don’t drive so close to me.
There’s a roundabout here, I’m slowing,
Don’t drive so close to me.
There’s another car coming round,
Don’t drive so close to me.
I have to stop, please see my brakes,
Don’t drive so close to me.
There’s a thud and a jolt,
You drove your car right in to me.
Here’s the police and an ambulance,
Because you drove too close to me.
So here I am being taken to A&E,
I said don’t drive so close to me.
My car is battered but yours hasn’t a scratch,
A Jazz and a Defender shouldn’t drive so closely.


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12 responses to “Don’t Drive So Close to Me

  1. Oh, the injustice…that you had to be taken to ER and your car was damaged, but the other car had nary a scratch. I do hate it when people drive too close. Too much chance of something like you wrote about happening. Glad you ARE ok and your car is fixed. But hassle nonetheless. Glad to see you in Poetry Pantry.

    • Well, their car is a 4×4 favoured by various militaries, so it makes sense that they got off lightly. I would hate to see their insurance premiums and the bill they’ll have for this though. Glad to have something to share again 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Oh yes! I had the song going in my head as I read–glad you are ok–a bit scary though if you were off to the hospital in an ambulance

  3. ha. i know that song…dang i hope that i dont have to get hit by a car for my next new poem…its good you are ok…at least it still runs too…you never get what they are really worth when totaled…

    • They were going to write her off originally, was very pleased they didn’t as I love my little Tardis. Car accidents as a source of inspiration do not rank highly with me either, I think the next idea will be less dramatic

  4. This is really well done! (Glad you are okay!)

  5. I HATE people driving too close especially when their lights are blinding me in the rear view…..grrrrrr.

  6. Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you’re okay. At it inspired a good poem!

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