Waiting on an Otter

I had this idea bouncing about in my mind for a few weeks before I managed to scribble it down.  Unfortunately, mid-way through the third verse, I realised that triplets were probably not my best idea, but I was too happy with the first verse to change it.  Actually, it was at the precise point I realised that I had to find something to rhyme with faded and jaded, which was not ‘play dead’.  Sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself.  Enjoy, and please let me know what you think below!


Waiting on an Otter
I went for a walk the other day,
Down a path where otters are said to play,
I looked as I went on my ambling way,
But I didn’t see any otters.
I decided a stakeout would be my best bet,
Sat as close to the river as I could get,
Without running the risk of getting wet,
But I didn’t see any otters.
I sat there as the daylight faded,
My enthusiasm now growing somewhat jaded,
Thankful that I was from the wind shaded,
And I still hadn’t seen any otters.
I sat and watched a grebe family swim by,
Listened to the pigeons and honking geese fly,
Watched as Saturn appeared in the sky,
And I still hadn’t seen any otters.
I sat and listened as the barn owls screeched,
The end of my endurance was almost reached,
As the night my body heat slowly leached,
And still not a sign of an otter.
Frozen and sleepy I gave up at last,
Realised that lunch was now in the distant past,
It seems the odds against me were vast,
So I still hadn’t seen any otters.
I took a roadtrip the very next day,
To visit some friends in old Pompey,
At the Aquarium we watched three otters at play,
I saw some at last, but they don’t count!




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2 responses to “Waiting on an Otter

  1. James

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this nice poem. Allows me to think of how much we can take zoos for granted. Catching a glimpse of animals in their natural environment is so much more rewarding. I understand why you would wait for so long for some playful otters to come along. Too bad they never came around, but at least we can appreciate having zoos around. Like you said though, it’s not the same.

    • Thanks James 🙂 Yes, I had the same experience when I went to Maryland a few years ago. I kept missing black bears (in some cases, by seconds) and so my friend took me to a zoo to see one, and we still joke about it not counting. I’ve a cunning plan for the winter though!

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