As Summer Fades

Things have taken a decidedly cool and soggy turn over the past week, and there were rumours of hail up the road from me, plus snow in Glencoe!  Autumn doesn’t start until the 21st, so if the weather would kindly remember that…  This is a pretty seasonal post, and I wanted to get it up before the season changed and I had to wait a year.  Part of my inspiration came from some comments I saw and heard about male opinions on female fashion outside of the summer months.  Let me know what you think below, and enjoy!


As Summer Fades
As summer begins to fade away,
And autumn time slowly draws near,
The fallen leaves start to appear.
As days cool, the hemlines begin to fall,
And necklines slowly start to rise,
Accompanied by disappointed male sighs.
As blue skies linger with a nip,
And the swifts and swallows congregate to go,
Thoughts turn to the likelihood of snow.
As the log fires once more are lit,
And the last barbeques consumed,
Jumpers from storage are swiftly exhumed.
As the hedgerows fill with fruits,
And greens turn to red and gold,
The summer fades and autumn takes hold.




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2 responses to “As Summer Fades

  1. with summer goes away the colours ,but winter too has its own charm:)

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